RaveGeo WebMap

Integrate powerful and quick maps into your web application

RaveGeo WebMap is a powerful and easy to use map tool for web application. WebMap is built as a web component and can easily be integrated by pasting an HTML snippet into the web page.

WebMap features a large variety of control possibilities and overlay of symbols. It is rendered in a Java Applet, which provides fast map browsing with smooth and animated interaction. The dynamic rendering giving you control of the look and feel of the map, plus how your users interact with the map.

WebMap has multiple implementations with the same interface:(1) Java applet, that supports smooth and animated interaction, (2) Javascript, based on server rendered tiled map images  

Main features of RaveGeo WebMap

  • Powerful map component, easy to integrated in any web page
  • Rapid map browsing with seamless zoom/pan
  • Custom layers with your own symbols and objects
  • Embedded JavaApplet with dynamic maps rendering in the browser
  • Easily integrated Javascript interface
  • Hosting by Idevio or at your premises
  • Map data from different provider (e.g. NVDB, Here, TomTom, National Land Survey, OSM)
  • Easy licensing handling
  • Address look-up and route calculation (if connected to a RaveGeo Server)
The RaveGeo WebMap reads RaveGeo Data from the RaveGeo Server with a vector module and tiled images with a TiledMap module.


The following browsers are supported (others will most likely work as well). JavaScript must  be enabled: 
* Internet Explorer 6.0+ . 
* Firefox 1.0+ . 
* Safari 2.0+ 
The Java version requires Java 1.1 or higher. For versions below 1.2 the presentation is a bit limited.
API language JavaScript
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Demo WebMap
Product sheet WebMap
For address look-up and routing: RaveGeo Server